Wednesday, 30 May 2012

White Wash

J Brand Jeans, Wish Top, Lover Jacket, Michael Kors Watch, Nicholas Necklace, Fallon Earrings, Jimmy Choo Pumps

In contrast to the all-black attire yesterday, I wanted to brighten up my look today and when it comes to a sharp look for work, there is nothing more refreshing and crisp than a white suit. Admittedly this isn't really a suit as I just threw on a pair of jeans, old shirt and jacket from my wardrobe together to make a feeble attempt at what is my version of the much lust-worthy Givenchy Spring 2012 look.
I am dying to get my hands (or feet I should say) on those minimalist yet oh-so-sexy sandals but the $$$ is something that I can only dream about. Sigh...

 Initially had a pair of simple strappy sandals with this outfit to get that similar look but forgot to change out of these more work-appropriate pumps for the photos sadly (still finding my way around perfecting this whole taking photos of outfits thing)
Speaking of which, it is SO awkward taking photos in public places! Especially when I'm not someone who is very comfortable having pictures taken of in the first place. Had so many strangers driving past giving 'what the hell are they doing?' stares as I struggled not to awkwardly laugh off the situation. In saying that though, a wonderful man came up to my boyfriend and me telling us he used to be a photographer back in the days when it was all done in film. He gave us some quick handy tips on how to use the camera and lens to achieve more desirable outcomes. These are the shots and we were pleasantly surprised by what we ended up with and I hope you guys all agree!

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