Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lost in the rhythm

Witchery Jacket, Old T-Shirt, Sass and Bide Jeans, Tristan Blair Shoes, SkullCandy Aviator Headphones

These Headphones were a collaboration that Jay Z's Record label, Roc Nation, took on with SkullCandy to produce these sexy mufflers created with superior metals, plush leathers and super soft ear cushions previously only used for premium high-end sunglasses. Without compromising on the quality of sound, the edgy design and utilisation of top-grade components make for a pleasurable listening experience. Not to mention how uber-cool they look as well!
I personally love using them as the depth and intensity of the sound quality has the ability to transcend me into a complete different world, completely cut-off from my surroundings. It almost feels like I levitate through the streets with my own background music, I swear!
I had been disappointed about not being able to search out any new musical talent of late but just recently a very gorgeous friend of mine debuted one of the most incredible vivacious voices I have ever heard. I'd like to describe it as having a beautiful richness to it but with a spicy punch. I wonder if she would like that description..haha. I will have to share one of her recordings on this blog as that kind of talent really deserves a lot of praise. No doubt it will take her places..
 You know who you are ;) xx

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