Sunday, 17 June 2012

Back in my day..

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Many of my friends are reaching the age of 25 this year and 25, being half of 50 which is half of 100, naturally sends a significant portion of us into a flurry of panic regarding our current states, futures and lives in general. I'm not quite 25 yet but can admit that I've been in this state of a quarter-life crisis ever since stepping out of my teens.

I aspire to do great and good things throughout my lifetime but (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) struggle to find the answer to what I really want to do or what I am truly interested in. But after long contemplation, I've come to realise that waiting around to hopefully stumble across something that sparks a fiery passion in me will never happen. 
It takes that first initial step to put some time and energy into something for the opportunity to experience whether it truly is an interest of yours or not.

So I've taken this mindset on board and set my target to focus on things I believe to be important and of particular interest to me so that hopefully that strong passion waiting to be ignited will be lit.
Because as they say 'Passion is the genesis of genius'!

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