Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Camilla and Marc Jeans, Willow Top, Zara Leather Jacket, Zimmermann Heels, Nine West Handbag
One of my best friends is back home from London and I couldn't fully express how excited I was to see her yesterday! Sadly only dwelling here for a month though 'til she flies right back over :( 
Listening to all her stories involving the people, creativity, food, bars, bars and more bars, exciting opportunities and let's not forget the wicked parties made me beg her to smuggle me in her suitcase and take me back with her. She is one mega-talented lady and I am thrilled to see what the next few years ahead have installed for her as I know that she will be making striking progress in her fashion career. 

 But back to those of us who have to buy our way into some sense of style due to lack of knowledge in actual hand-crafting our own. Take note of this pattern- What a perfect way to get into the mood to plan a tropical getaway for the summer. With all the floral overload our eyes have been exposed to of late, Camilla and Marc have brainstormed out of the box to create this peak-a-boo avian print. Aren't these pants just a little too much fun?  Wearing them certainly makes you feel a little 'quack' (or whatever sound parrots make) too! haha

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